By WiMAX e-Care Access Your Account Details Anytime, Anywhere!

MTN Irancell is always trying to present the world’s latest technology to its subscribers. Our WiMAX e-Care service enables you to have the details of your usage and service plan at all times.

•    If you want details of your usage and itemized bill
•    If for any reasons you intend to change your WiMAX password
•    If you intend to change your WiMAX tariffs
•    If you want to load your recharge card
•    If you are willing to use the internet payment system

With WiMAX e-care, you can choose your desired system with ease and in a short time.

Accessing Your e-Care in WiMAX:

After you have completed the registration phase, the WiMAX ID and password will be sent to the subscriber through Email or SMS. Once you receive your WiMAX ID and Password, you can access your e-Care and every detail regarding your account will be at your fingertips.

Services that are prepared by WiMAX and are accessible through e-Care are:

•    Access to subscribers profile
•    Change of Address
•    Purchasing Bolt-on packages
•    Bank payments
•    Accessing invoices
•    CPE returning
•    Recharging
•    Leasing
•    Reimbursement guarantee
•     CPE health
•    Account balance
•    Freelancer list
•    Itemized bill
•    Internet payment
  • Add To Favorite
  • Set As Home Page
  • Print