What is Bolt-on?

Once your usage exceeds the traffic available to you in the tariff plan you have chosen or whenever you think you are going to need more, you can easily get extra GBs by using our Bolt-on's. Irancell’s WiMAX Bolt-on's are bundles of traffic you can add to your inclusive GB at a discounted price, but only for a specific period of time. For example; you can pay 59,115 Rials. for a 1GB  Bolt-on, but you will be able to use the volume equal to 102.400 Rls. The pack expires in 30 Days, so you need to use it up during this period. The Bolt-On will be available to all valid WiMAX Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers, regardless of the plan they subscribe to. The price of the Bolt-On will differ based on the subscriber`s speed. The conditions for using Bolt-on also differ, based on the payment plan you have chosen.
Note: The Bolt-on can be purchased for basic tariff plans and the unlimited plan subscribers will never need to purchase a Bolt-on.

For every prepaid WiMAX subscriber, there is a safe, where the total credit is being saved and with every Bolt-on pack that is purchased, the relevant amount will be transferred to your account which is specifically designed to cover your needs, which in this case is using DATA. Please remember that as a prepaid subscriber, you will be only reported with the monetary value in Rials, not the volume of Gigabytes available in the pack.
- Every Bolt-On Pack loaded on the prepaid account will have a validity period and an expiry date (30 Days).

Bolt-on packs will be available to all valid WiMAX Post-paid subscribers as well, regardless of their tariff plan. Please remember that, as a postpaid subscriber you will be able to purchase your Bolt-on pack, based on the volume or the monetary value of the pack and the relevant charges will be reflected in your bill.
- Every additional Bolt-on pack loaded on the post-paid account will be valid during the whole billing cycle (2 Months), and will not be extended to the next bill run under any condition.
- The Bolt-on fee will be reflected in your bill at the end of your bill run cycle.
- Once you load a Bolt-on, you will not be charged, until the GB limits on the inclusive bundle you have purchased are used up.

Below, you can see the price list for  Bolt-on packs:

Loading Successive Bolt-On Packs:
When you load a successive Bolt-On, the balance in the WiMAX account will increase by the available Value of the additional pack loaded; Example: If you have loaded a pack with 128 K throughput and 1 GB traffic limit, then the credit will be dedicated to your WiMAX account and it will be loaded with 56,300 Rials (tax exclusive) and 30 days of validity period.
- MTN Irancell has provided an opportunity for its subscribers to carry their remaining Bolt-Ons, even beyond the expiry date. The expiry date of the Bolt-On Pack will be extended by X days with loading each additional Bolt-On pack to a maximum of 180 days; for example: if you load a pack with 128 K throughput and 1 GB traffic limit and 30 days of validity (Pack A) in addition to a pack with 128 K throughput and 3 GB traffic limit and 20 days of remaining validity (Pack B), then Bolt-On account validity days will be extended (remaining validity days of pack B plus the validity period of pack A ).
- By loading a new Bolt-on, the validity of the loaded Bolt-on will not exceed 180 days. For example; if you load pack A (3 GB and 90 days validity) today and pack B (2 GB and 60 days validity) tomorrow and pack C (4 GB and 90 days validity) the day after tomorrow, after loading pack C the validity of the whole Bolt-On will be remaining validity of pack A, plus the remaining validity of pack B and pack C which is 237 (88+59+90) days. But, as 180 is the ceiling for the validity period, it will be adjusted to 180.
You Will Never Go Out!
Out of Bundle:

Another great offer brought to you by Irancell, is the Out of Bundle service. In case you are out of GB and you know your usage is not to the amount that motivates you to buy a Bolt-on pack, you can use the Out of Bundle traffic. The relevant fee will be deducted from your account or will be reflected in your bill. The Out of Bundle rate for all available WiMAX Tariff Plans is 89 Rials per Megabyte.

- All prices are 5% VAT inclusive.

WiMAX Payment Methods:

1. Internet Payment
Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "eBill / internet payment".

2. Irancell Recharge Cards
Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "Recharge".
3. Loading Irancell Recharge Cards using Irancell SIM Cards
Please note that this service is only available to those WiMAX subscribers who have entered an Irancell number when filling in the "Cell  Number" field in the registration form; therefore, to be able to use this service, the subscribers who have NOT entered an Irancell number may refer to their WiMAX profiles, under Customer Service in e-Care and click on Change Profile to change their cell number to an Irancell line.
4. Referring to Banks
Bank Mellat / account number: 444440/96; or
Bank Tejarat / account number: 210447
Remember to have your "Payment Reference Number" with you when referring to the banks.

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