About us
MTN Irancell has a very clear Brand Identity which is underpinned by the following values:

Innovation / Simplicity

Ingredients – Imagination, Insight, Creativity
    o Doing things differently
    o Making unlikely connections
    o The unexpected exceeds expectations

Relationship / Customer Centricity

Ingredients – Teamwork, Friendly, Personal, Warm & Caring
    o Connecting with people on their level
    o Having empathy for their unique situations
    o Building relationships with our customers (internal and external)

Integrity / Fairness

Ingredients – Solid principles, Trusted, Togetherness
    o We are, because of you our customer
    o We are, because of you our employee
    o With your trust and belief we will always succeed

Can Do

Ingredients – Optimism, Future Focus, Passionate, Happening
    o Creating brighter futures for everyone whose life we touch
    o Empowering people, communities and countries
    o Creating possibility


Ingredients – Foresight, Commitment, Guidance
    o Building a future for our people and the customers we serve
    o Leading the way in connectivity enablement

MTN Irancell is a private joint stock company, governed by the Commercial Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran as amended in the year 1347 of the Iranian calendar, which is 1969 in the Gregorian calendar, and the provisions of its Articles of Association. The Company’s registration date is 14 August 2005 [1385/05/23] and the registration number 252949. The Company has been established for an indefinite period of time.

The company aims at being the leading provider of telecommunication services in Iran and provides the following services:

• Provision of wholesale and retail telecommunication services;
• Provision of mobile phone and related services;
• Provision of the Internet and data and digital platform related products and services;
• Provision of all other sources of value added services that is currently available and to be developed in the future;
• Dealing with e-commerce, mobile-commerce activities of the above telecommunication networks;
• Provision of customer services, including but not limited to customer relationship management and Call Centre services

In summer 2007, CRA announced that it was doing the initial studies for issuance of WiMAX License in Iran. After the initial studies, drafting the body of the License, preparing the tender documents and approval of the same in Communications Regulatory Commission, performing the legal procedure for holding the tender and granting the License were put on the agenda. Finally, upon finalization of the body of the License, CRA officially called for purchasing the tender documents on 28 June 2008. Presently, upon holding the tender, the Service Providers were recognized nationwide and the Operation License was issued for them.

Irancell Telecommunications Services Company won this tender and received the License on 28 February 2009 in line with developing the market share and expanding the products and services. According to the granted Operation License, Irancell has provided services in most of the cities in the following provinces: Alborz, East Azerbaijan, Fars, Isfahan, Khorasan Razavi, Khouzestan and Tehran

It is worth to mention that Irancell is capable of providing WiMAX services under “d” and “e” standards while only “d” standard (i.e. fixed WiMAX) is currently provided to customers by Irancell. Fixed standard requires immobility of Modem during the send and receive process.

Irancell Telecommunications Services Company owns the License Agreement for Radio Communication Service Provision Based on WiMAX Technology in the following provinces:

• East Azerbaijan (License No. 13-10-2);
• Fars (License No. 13-25-2);
• Khuzestan (License No. 13-21-2);
• Khorasan Razavi (License No. 13-19-2);
• Tehran (License No. 13-16-2); and
• Isfahan (License No. 13-13-2).

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