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World-Class Internet Solution, for Your Business!
Provision of WiMAX Services, as a modern technology, is considered a great leap forward towards the development of the e-Commerce. It allows owners of the large companies, banks, hospitals, organizations, factories and all other businesses which need e-Commerce infrastructure to develop their business, to adjust themselves to the pace of the technological evolutions and will guarantee their success. No matter when or where (in areas within the network coverage), using this unique service, you can have access to high speed wireless internet with a standard quality and also enjoy lots of other professional services such as VPN, VoIP, etc. Moreover, WiMAX will give you the opportunity to move your CPE to any other city or area under Irancell WiMAX network coverage and access the internet. 

Irancell WiMAX Subscription Advantages:

•  Easy registration
•  Bandwidth range of 128 Kbps to 2 Mbps as per the user's request
•  Various payment options
•  Availability of several CPEs for one account and integrated payment option
•  Money Back Guarantee, in case of subscriber dissatisfaction
•  CPE installation support
•  High level of network security and non-interference of the frequencies
•  Developing e-Commerce capacities
•  No need for phone lines or cabling
•  Low maintenance costs
Virtual Private Network (VPN) via Irancell WiMAX: 

For those institutions and organizations with various branches which are reluctant to use internet for data transfer due to data security issues, Irancell has introduced its WiMAX Virtual Private Network solution which is the only proper option for secure data transfer via a private channel.
VPN advantages:
•         Increasing the communications security through creating a private channel
•         Best choice for companies with geographical diversity
•         Without a need for cable infrastructure
•         Enabled to connect with the company’s central network for employees working off site
•         Without a need to use internet for data transfer
To name a few of our current VPN customers:

Voice over IP (VoIP):

VoIP is a modern technology, which enables you to communicate locally and internationally through internet platform. Using VoIP, making telephone calls, especially international calls will be really cost effective.
VoIP enables you to use the normal existing phones or soft phones installed on your computer, to make calls at any time to any destination around the world, without any need to use a special device.
VoIP provides the companies and organizations with various features and advantages other than making calls, which include: conference calls, call centers, PBX (Central Telephones), phone extensions, etc.
Please note that, you can use your VoIP in all the areas covered by Irancell WiMAX network.

CPE Sharing:

WiMAX technology enables several users to simultaneously use a shared CPE with no effect on their chosen throughput.  The main difference between WiMAX and other high speed internet services is the possibility of sharing the CPE among several users with no effect on their selected bandwidth.
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