Online Bill, e-Bill and SMS Bill

Viewing bills via SMS, Irancell Website and internet bill payment plus 2% free credit!
All Irancell postpaid subscribers can check their bills via the following methods: Irancell website, SMS and/ or e-Care.
Irancell Website:  
To use this method, you simply need to log into the invoice tracking system and choose your desired invoice from among the existing options: "Last Invoice", "General Invoice" and/ or "Web Hot Bill". To have an even easier access to your invoice, you may prepare the following required information in advance:
Mobile Number,         KIT Number,         National ID
Please note that for receiving the "General Invoice"
there is no need to enter your national ID.
“Web Hot Bill” is the proper option for the subscribers who are going to transfer their SIM ownership or intend to receive their invoice up until the same day they're using the portal.

To use this method, you only need to send a blank SMS to 5459 in order to activate your SMS bill service.

You can also send a blank SMS to 5455, to receive the summary of your previous bill.

To deactivate this service, simply send a blank SMS to 5458.


To use this method, you only need to log into your e-Care account and then go to "e-Bill" page and choose "Bill Summary", "Split Bill" or "Bills not found in systems".

To log into e-Care you only need to...
Click on "e-Care" in home page.

If you already have an account, enter your mobile number and password and then your KIT number or One Time Password. You can get your "One Time Password" from e-Care.

If you don't have an account, send a blank SMS to 130 or call 700 from your Irancell line (to be connected to Irancell Service Centre) and receive your e-Care password.

Note: Your KIT Number is mentioned both on your SIM card and on the bottom right side of the SIM holder, below the barcode.
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