WiMAX Payment Methods
In general, the payment methods are categorized in two groups:

  • Payment Methods for New Subscribers (when making the payment at the time of activation)

    1. Internet Payment using SHETAB Card
      Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "eBill / internet payment".
    2. Irancell Recharge Cards
      Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "Recharge".
    3. Referring to Banks
      Have your "Payment Reference Number" with you and refer to the below banks to make the payment:

      Bank Mellat / account number: 444440/96; or
      Bank Tejarat / account number: 210447
  • Payment Methods for Current Subscribers (when paying the subscription fees)

    1. Internet Payment using SHETAB Card
      Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "eBill / internet payment".
    2. Loading Irancell Recharge Cards using Irancell SIM Cards
      Loading recharge cards via e-Care:
      Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "Recharge".
      Loading recharge cards using USSD codes:
       This can only be used if you have entered an Irancell number when registering.
      Loading recharge cards using USSD codes:

      Using this method you'll be able to recharge your, or anyone else's prepaid WiMAX account.

      Please note the following when using this method:
      To dial the USSD code mentioned above, you have to use one of Irancell Prepaid SIM Cards.
       Using this method you will only be able to recharge your, or anyone else's prepaid WiMAX account.
      The WiMAX ID needs to be entered without zero.
    3. P2P
      This method with enable you to transfer airtime from your prepaid SIM to any prepaid or postpaid WiMAX account. 

      How to use: first you need to register. To do so, you can simply SMS 12 to 1112. You will receive an SMS to help you choose your desired PIN. Once you've set the PIN and sent it to 1112, you have registered for P2P! From then on, you will be able to use the service by entering the PIN. In other words, the following steps need to be taken to register for P2P:
      1- Sending 12 to 1112 via SMS

      2- Setting your desired 5 to 8 digit PIN using the following rule and sending the same to 1112:
      This is a sample of how you should use the above rule to for instance choose "12345" as your PIN:

      Note: Registration for P2P is free of charge.
      How to use P2P:
      In order to transfer airtime from your prepaid SIM, you may use either of the following methods:

      1. SMS: send an SMS to 1112 including the following written from left to right:

      1. The airtime receiver’s number;
      2. The amount of airtime you wish to transfer (in Rials); and
      3. Your PIN number (comprising of 5 to 8 digits and NO letters at all).

      Airtime receiver's number: amount of airtime in Rials:5 to 8 digit PIN number
      2. USSD: dial the following USSD code from your Irancell SIM card:

      *142*No. of the airtime receiver*the amount in Rials*5 t0 8 digit code# [yes/ok]
      The transferred airtime will be either added to the receiver’s airtime (prepaid) or the same amount will be deducted from the receiver’s account (postpaid). 
      After the airtime transfer, an SMS will be sent both to the sender and receiver of the airtime informing them of the date and time of transfer, the receiver/ sender’s number and the amount of airtime transferred.
      • As a security feature, if you type in the incorrect PIN number 20 times your P2P service will be deactivated. Should this occur, you will need to contact the Call Centre to reactivate the service.

      • An amount of 500 Rials will be deducted from the sender’s account as a transaction fee per transfer.
      How to Change your P2P PIN:
      In order to change your PIN number you can simply SMS the following message to 1112 from your Irancell SIM:
      For instance if you wish to change your PIN from 12345 to 33333, you need to send the following via SMS to 1112:

      Note: In order to have your “change PIN” request carried out, you need to write the required details exactly as stipulated in the instructions (inserting “:” between them); if not, your request will not be successful.
      Forgot your PIN?
      In case you forgot your password, you need to contact MTN Irancell Call Centre: Dial: 700 from your Irancell SIM or 09377000000 from other lines.
    4. Payment over phone using SHETAB Card
      To use this method you only need to call 021-8734. Click here for more information.

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